Notifications for Customers

Email Notification Settings

Customer email notifications for Scheduled Orders can be enabled for each site within the QPilot Merchant Center.

Then visit your site's Dashboard > Customer Notifications page.


Activating Your Account for Emails

Note: until you have activated your QPilot Merchant Account, no Scheduled Orders will be processed. Therefore, no customer email notifications (order processing or failed scheduled order notifications) will be sent.


From here you can:

  • Enable or disable notification for customers
  • Edit email style settings
  • Edit email templates for notifications
  • Customize your email delivery address
  • Edit your lock duration notification
  • Add a BCC email for error notifications

Email Delivery Settings

Email Delivery Address: Send Emails From Your Domain

By default, all email notifications are sent from the QPilot's email notification address: [email protected]

You can add your company or customer support email address to replace the default QPilot email address by entering in the email address for your company or customer support into the "Email delivery address" field.



Verify the domain that your email is sent from with QPilot's email delivery service. QPilot uses the email delivery service SendGrid to ensure high email deliverability and simplify domain verification.

Verifying your domain has multiple benefits including:

  • Improved email deliverability (reduced spam filtering)
  • Increasing your domain's email reputation with email servers

How to verify your domain:

  1. You should not use "no-reply" addresses. These email addresses will hurt your domain's reputation over email servers and can result in emails being flagged as Spam.
  2. To ensure proper email authentication, you should configure the following SPF records in your DNS Server:
    v=spf1 ~all
  3. Please refer to SPF Records Explained for more information.

Types of Notifications

  • Upcoming Scheduled Orders
  • Lock Notification Emails
  • Scheduled Order Errors
  • Scheduled Order Created Email
  • Scheduled Order Paused Email
  • Scheduled Order Deleted Email
  • Scheduled Order Payment Authorization Email

Upcoming Scheduled Order Notifications

Upcoming Scheduled Order notifications are emails that are sent to your customers automatically when their Scheduled Orders are about to process.


Understanding Email Processing

Number of Days (N-Day) emails are sent relative to your connected QPilot Site's local processing time.

For example, if your QPilot Site is set to process Scheduled Orders at 2:00 am, then a 1-Day Customer Email Notification is sent at 2:00 am the day before the Next Occurrence Date of the Scheduled Order.

The types of Upcoming Scheduled Order notifications that you can choose to automatically notify your customers about include:

  • Scheduled Order 1-day Emails
    • Send an email one day before each Scheduled Order's next occurrence date
  • Scheduled Order 2-day Emails
    • Send an email two days before each Scheduled Order's next occurrence date
  • Scheduled Order 10-day Emails
    • Send an email ten days before each Scheduled Order's next occurrence date
  • Custom Scheduled Order N-day Emails
    • Send an email "N-days" before each Scheduled Order's next occurrence date. The merchant sets the number ("N") of days between 1 and 999 days and is limited to 10 custom N-day emails.

Lock Notification Emails

This setting enables you to notify your customers of how long they have to make changes to upcoming Scheduled Orders before changes are disabled until the Scheduled Order processes next, effectively "locking" the Scheduled Order.

  • Indicates how many days prior to the set lock window will customers be notified. 
  • Leaving this value blank will disable this notification (even if a lock window is set).
  • Preview this email template.


Make sure to select a "Lock Window"

Your site must define a "Lock Window" in order to use this notification, this setting will lock the Scheduled Order from any changes made by customers prior to when the Scheduled Order processes next.

Example Use Case:

  • If a site has a lock window of 1 day and a lock notification of 2 days.
  • Then the customer will receive a notification 3 days before the Scheduled Orders is due to process.
  • This notification will let them know they have 2 days to make changes before the Scheduled Order is locked.

Other Scheduled Order Notifications

Admins may also choose to enable customer notification emails for different Scheduled Order events. The Emails include a snapshot of the Scheduled Order like in other notifications and has all the customization available as the other notifications.

  • Scheduled Order Created - Sends a notice to the customer 2 hours after a new Scheduled Order is created that contains their most current Scheduled Order details.
  • Scheduled Order Paused - Sends a notice to the customer 6 hours after their Scheduled Order was paused, but only if the Scheduled Order is still in a paused status. If the Scheduled Order was only temporarily paused, then no notification will be sent.
  • Scheduled Order Deleted - Customers are notified if a Scheduled Order is Deleted for their user by them or an Admin immediately.

Scheduled Order Error Notifications

Scheduled Order Error notifications are emails that are sent to your customers automatically when their Scheduled Order fails to process. These are known as Processing Errors.

  • "Payment Authentication Required" Error Emails - Customers are notified with an authorization link when a site must process recurring payments with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

  • "Empty Scheduled Order" Error Emails

  • "No Items To Ship" Error Emails

    • Caused by Error 1001: No items are available to process for the Scheduled Order that can be used to create an order in the connected site.
    • Preview Email Template
  • "Payment Method Null" Error Emails

  • "Payment Failed" Error Emails

    • Caused by Error 2000: The selected payment method for the Scheduled Order did not process successfully. The payment gateway's full response is recorded with the Failed Scheduled Order's history and processing cycle log.
    • Preview this email template

Additional Settings

Error Notifications BCC Email Address

Merchants can also choose to include an email address to be privately copied (BCC) when any customer error notification email is automatically sent.

To add a BCC Email address, visit QPilot Merchant Center > Site Dashboard > Customer Notifications* and enable the option to "Send a BCC of Error Emails".

  • If the option is enabled but no value is entered, your site contact email will be used as the BCC email address