E00027 Line Item 1 Invalid

What This Means will not approve the transaction because of an invalid line item.

Note: ‘E00027’ is returned in many cases where declines the payment.
In cases where form fields for validation are triggered, Authorize.Net will send you an email with details on which filter was triggered.

Check within your Authorize.Net web interface for specific declines and reports on specific filters that stopped the payment from going through at Reports >> Transaction Detail Reports or Search >> Suspicious/Unsettled transactions.

Common Causes For This Error

  • The product name exceeds the 31 character limit for
  • The product name contains some invalid characters like curly quotations, trademark or copyright symbols. Product names can only contain letters from the basic alphabet (A-Z a-z).
  • The product price is not a positive number (greater than 0)
  • The product quantity is not positive number (greater than 0)

Suggested Next Steps

  1. Check within your Authorize.Net web interface for more details about the invalid item(s).

  2. Check the product information in your QPilot Site (QPilot > Site > Products) and re-synchronize your product data to QPilot to remove invalid product data.

  3. Edit the Scheduled Order in QPilot (QPilot > Site > Scheduled Orders >> Edit) to ensure that the product(s) in the Scheduled Order appear valid.

After Resolving the Issue

Once this issue is resolved, you should use the action to Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.