1004: No Payment Method for Scheduled Order

What This Means

No payment method is selected for the Scheduled Order.

Common Causes For This Error

  • The Scheduled Order was created without a payment method.
  • A payment method was added to the Scheduled Order that is not enabled for your QPilot Site. You can review which payment methods are enabled in QPilot > Site > Payment Integrations.
  • The Customer removed or unselected their saved payment method from the Scheduled Order
  • The Merchant removed or unselected the Customer's payment method

Suggested Next Steps

  1. Check the Scheduled Order to see if any saved payment methods exist for the Customer. To check the Scheduled Order for a payment method, edit the Scheduled Order in QPilot > Site > Scheduled Orders >> Edit.

  2. If no saved payment method exists in QPilot, look up the Customer in your payment gateway to see if a saved payment method exists for the Customer in your payment gateway.

  3. If no saved payment method exists in your gateway, you will need to contact the Customer to add a new saved payment method and then add the saved payment method to their Scheduled Order.

Adding A New Payment Method for Your Customer?

If you are adding a new payment method for your Customer directly to your payment gateway (manually), ensure that you edit the failed Scheduled Order, add a new payment method, and copy the required billing information directly to their Scheduled Order including:

  • Gateway CustomerId
  • Gateway PaymentId
  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method Description (optional, but strongly suggested because it is used to display the payment method to your customer)

After Resolving The Issue

Once this issue is resolved, you should use the action to Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.