WooCommerce: Order Update Failed

Scheduled Order Processing Error Code

What This Means

This means that the WooCommerce Site failed to respond to QPilot's (PUT) request to update the created order in WooCommerce.

  • WooCommerce Order Status: Unknown
    • the WooCommerce Order exists, but the request to update the order did not receive a successful response, so the order may have a status of "Processing", "Pending Payment", "On Hold" or "Failed"
  • Payment Processing: the payment has attempted to process with the payment gateway
    • if the payment succeeded, then no payment error is recorded for the Failed Scheduled Order
    • if the payment gateway returned an error, the payment gateway's full response is recorded with the Failed Scheduled Order's history and Processing Cycle.
  • Scheduled Order Status: Failed
    • This is a processing error so the Scheduled Order's status is set to "Failed" after the WooCommerce site fails to successfully respond to QPilot's request to update the Order. The Scheduled Order is "Failed" even if the payment was processed successfully.

Common Causes For This Error

  • WooCommerce REST API Permissions: Your connected site is restricting or blocking PUT requests to update WooCommerce Orders
  • Code errors in your WordPress Site's plugins or theme
  • Hosted server error (check with your hosting provider)
  • Site Performance / Timeout: Your site is not responding to the PUT request to update the WooCommerce Order within the 15 seconds allowed for a response.

Suggested Next Steps

  1. Review the Order Update Response for the Scheduled Order's Processing Cycle for more details.
    • The Order Update Response will display the actual response that your WooCommerce Site returned after the request to update the order (also known as a PUT request) via the WooCommerce REST API was made. This response may help you identify a specific error in your site's response.
    • If your WooCommerce site did not respond at all, then your site is likely experiencing an issue with the WooCommerce REST API. Please refer to our WooCommerce API Healthiness help doc to troubleshoot this further.
  2. Check your Autoship Log File in the WordPress Admin ( WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Settings >> Logs (tab) ).
    • If your site responded to QPilot with an error, the error may be recorded in the Log File.
  3. Check your WordPress site's debug log to check for any errors logged for your site when QPilot is requesting to update order via the WooCommerce REST API.
    • Your site's debug log can be reviewed for specific errors on your WordPress site. If your site is experiencing an error, then the debug log will be the most effective way to identify the error and what is causing it.
  4. For more details on troubleshooting your site, please see our detailed WooCommerce troubleshooting guide here.
  5. If you are unable to quickly identify and resolve the issue, you may want to "Pause Processing" for your connected QPilot Site temporarily rather than continuing to let Scheduled Orders continue to fail to process.
    • Once your site is able to connect to QPilot successfully, resuming site processing will automatically process all Scheduled Orders that are past due. Past due is an "Active" status Scheduled Order with a next occurrence date before the current date.

After Resolving The Issue

You use the action to "Retry Update Order" on the failed Scheduled Order.