Stripe: The Source You Provided Is Not In A Chargeable State

What This Means

Stripe is declining a charge to the source. The "source" in this case means a saved payment method.

Common Causes For This Error

  • Performing a one-time charge to the payment method and then attempting to apply the same payment method for a recurring charge.
  • The payment method was not added to Stripe as a saved payment method, so Stripe does not recognize the payment method as a "reusable source".
  • Additional fraud prevention methods like 3D Secure are preventing a charge to the payment method

Suggested Next Steps

  1. Search for the Customer in your Gateway and confirm that this Customer's billing profile can or cannot be found and that a payment method is available to their customer profile.
  2. If a new payment profile can be found, you can edit the Scheduled Order and create a new payment method for this Scheduled Order by copying the Customer's billing information into their Scheduled Order (see "Adding A New Payment Method for Your Customer?" below).
  3. You may also choose to contact the customer to have them add a new payment method and add it to their Scheduled Order in My Account > Payment Methods.
    • The Autoship Cloud plugin will alert them to apply the new payment method to their Scheduled Order(s), so they can choose to re-activate their failed Scheduled Order(s) using their new payment method.

Adding A New Payment Method for Your Customer?

If you are adding a new payment method for your Customer directly to your payment gateway (manually), ensure that you edit the failed Scheduled Order, add a new payment method, and copy the required billing information from your payment gateway directly to their Scheduled Order including:

  • Gateway CustomerId
  • Gateway PaymentId
  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method Description (optional, but strongly suggested because it is used to display the payment method to your customer)

After Resolving The Issue

Once this issue is resolved, you should use the action to Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.

If the charge is still unsuccessful, you should contact your Stripe Payment Gateway and provide them with details about this transaction.