When do my customers delete Scheduled Orders?

How to analyze when your customers are deleting Scheduled Orders.

  1. Export your Scheduled Order Metrics report from QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Reports.

  2. Open the CSV file and then filter Scheduled Orders by "Deleted" status. Protip: Save the filtered Scheduled Orders in a separate file/sheet.


Export your Scheduled Order Metrics

Tip: You may need to edit the date column to the type "Short Date" instead of "General".


How to Update Date Columns to "Short Date" in Excel

  1. You can use the DAYS function in excel to calculate how many days between the Scheduled Order creation date ("Created Date") and Scheduled Order deletion date ("Deleted Date").
    • To use the DAYS function, select the latest date from the start date and separate them by a comma.
    • For example: =DAYS(M24,F24)

Example of "DAYS" function in Excel

  1. Once you have generated a new column of how many days there were between the Deleted Date and Created Date, you can run a variety of analyses on these values.
    • For example, you can find the average days until deleted for all subscriptions or only those with over 3 successful processing cycles
    • You can calculate the percentage of Scheduled Orders deleted within X days or after x days to determine when you are churning customers
    • And more!

Example: Average days until deleted for Scheduled Orders with more than 20 successful cycles


Example: What percentage of Scheduled Orders are deleted after 500 days?