Notifications for Merchants

Email notifications are sent to merchants in order to help manage Scheduled Orders.

Notifications are sent from the email address [email protected]
These notifications are sent to the email address(es) that are listed in the Site settings for your connected site (QPilot Merchant Center > Edit Site menu):


Types of Notifications

Failed Scheduled Order Notifications

These notifications are sent after a Scheduled Order has failed to process and contain helpful details and suggestions for managing / recovering each failed Scheduled Order.

Reasons for Failed Scheduled Order Notifications include:

Product availability
Stock status
Payment decline or failure


Will Not Process

This notification is sent in the case that (optional) 10-Day, 2-Day and 1-day email notifications are enabled for the site and there are no items available to the Scheduled Order to process.

Reasons for Will Not Process notifications include:

Product availability: no products are enabled to process for the upcoming Scheduled Order
Stock status: no products are in stock for the upcoming Scheduled Order


Can I Get BCC'd on Error Emails Sent to My Customers?

Yes! Simply go to the QPilot Merchant Center > Edit Site menu for the connected QPilot site and select the option "Send a BCC of Error Emails" and add the email address you would like the BCC address you would like customer Error Emails to be sent to: