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Pause or Resume Site Processing

There may be a variety of reasons you want to pause processing for Scheduled Orders on your site. You may be migrating hosts, have some site maintenance being done, or changing the site's url. In cases like these, you may want to pause your QPilot Site's processing of Scheduled Orders.

When a QPilot Site's processing is set to "paused", Scheduled Orders will not process automatically. You can still manually process a Scheduled Orders, but Scheduled Orders will not process otherwise.

How to Pause Processing

  • Login to your QPilot Merchant Center (
  • Locate the site you'd like to pause processing for
  • Select the site options menu (3 dots), and select "Pause Processing", and then "Ok"

When you are ready to resume processing follow the same steps, selecting "Resume Processing" and confirming. When you are resuming processing, QPilot will alert you if there any past due Scheduled Orders with "Active" status will automatically process immediately after resuming.

Pausing processing on a connected QPilot Site

Updated 9 months ago

Pause or Resume Site Processing

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