QPilot Merchant Center & Account

Table Of Contents

  1. What Is QPilot
  2. Features Limited to your QPilot Merchant Account

What Is QPilot

QPilot (https://qpilot.cloud) is the Scheduled Commerce Engine™ that provides a hosted, enterprise-scale architecture for “queueing up” any product for a future scheduled order.


A QPilot Merchant Account is required to:

  • Successfully setup and test a QPilot intergration
  • Setup and change settings for your connected site
  • Connect additional 3rd party apps & integrations
    • via the QPilot Zapier app
    • or by using the QPilot API

Features Limited to your QPilot Merchant Account

For safety and security, some settings must be managed only within the QPilot Merchant Account instead of your connected site. This include API Keys, Scheduled Order Processing Settings, and Email Notification Settings to name a few.

You can find these site-specific settings by logging into your QPilot Merchant Account, locating your connected Site and selecting "Edit" from the menu button (3 dots in the upper-right corner of each site).