PayPal: 10201 Billing agreement canceled

What This Means

The billing agreement for the customer's PayPal account was canceled.

Suggested Next Steps

  1. From PayPal: Inform the Customer that the billing agreement has been canceled and the Customer needs to create a new one.

    • In most cases, the easiest way to allow a Customer to create a new billing agreement with PayPal Express Checkout is to create a new Scheduled Order by completing a checkout with your connected online store. The customer can then delete their previous Scheduled Order or add the new PayPal payment method to their existing Scheduled Order(s).
  2. If the Customer did not intend to cancel their billing agreement, then you can also ask the Customer to contact PayPal Customer Service for help with their PayPal account.

  3. If your site offers another payment option than PayPal, you can contact the customer to have them add a new payment method and add it to their Scheduled Order.

  4. Once a new payment method is added to the Scheduled Order, the Scheduled Order should be processed with the new payment method.

After Resolving The Issue

Once this issue is resolved, you should use the action to Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.