Editing A Processing Cycle

Processing Cycles are automatically created and updated by QPilot. However, there are some cases when you may want to edit a Processing Cycle manually.

When to Edit a Processing Cycle

The most common reason to edit a Processing Cycle is in the case where partial refund or credit was issued due to an Order created from processing a Scheduled Order.

Editing the Processing Cycle related to the created Order enables you to change the "Charged Total" and reduce it by the amount of the refund or credit. Changing the Charged Total will update the calculated totals for the Scheduled Order and Customer Lifetime Value that was previously recorded by QPilot.

How to Edit a Processing Cycle

  1. When viewing any Processing Cycle, use the action menu (3 dot button) to select "Edit Cycle".
  2. Update the required fields for "Charged Total" and "Note"
    • Note: add a note that explains the change to the Charged Total. For example: "partial refund of $2.50 USD made to Order #54321".
  3. Select "Confirm" to update the Processing Cycle.

Quickly find the Last Processing Cycle displayed at the top of any Scheduled Order