Customer Fields Reference

Fields Specification

Field NameDescriptionData Type
IdThe Customer's unique identifierstring
EmailThe Customer's Emailstring
First NameThe Customer's First Namestring
Last NameThe Customer's Last Namestring
LifetimeValueThe Total Value that has been processed for all Scheduled Orders that belong to this Customernumber
ShippingFirstNameThe Shipping Recipient's First Namestring
ShippingLastNameThe Shipping Recipient's Last Namestring
ShippingStreet1The Shipping Recipient's Address Line 1string
ShippingStreet2The Shipping Recipient's Address Line 2string
ShippingCityThe Shipping Recipient's Citystring
ShippingStateThe Shipping Recipient's Statestring
ShippingPostcodeThe Shipping Recipient's Postal Codestring
BillingFirstNameThe Billing First Namestring
BillingLastNameThe Billing Last Namestring
BillingStreet1The Billing Address Line 1string
BillingStreet2The Billing Address Line 2string
BillingCityThe Billing Citystring
BillingStateThe Billing Statestring
BillingPostcodeThe Billing Postal Codestring
PhoneNumberThe Customer's Phone Numberstring
CompanyThe Customer's Companystring
CreatedUtcA UTC Datetime that specifies when the Customer was createddatetime
UpdatedUtcA UTC Datetime that specifies when the Customer was last updateddatetime
PaymentMethodsThe List of Payment Method that are associated to this CustomerPayment Method
SiteThe Site that this Customer belongs toSite
MetadataThe Customer's Metadata (see: object