"Other" Payment Type and Method



The "Other" Payment Type and Payment Method enable Scheduled Orders to be completely processed without requiring a payment to complete order processing. Please review this entire help guide to ensure that you do not unexpectedly enable your customers to not pay for their Scheduled Orders.

The "Other" Payment Type can be used when processing a Scheduled Order that doesn't require automated payment processing with a payment gateway.

Commonly, the "Other" Payment Type is used for processing a Scheduled Order that is either already paid for or is paid for another way: such as invoicing or a credit account.

How To Enable the Use of "Other" Payment Type

1. Create a Payment Integration for "Other" Payment Type

  1. As the Admin, visit QPilot > Sites > Payment Integrations and select the "add" button (or "+" symbol) to Add A New Payment Integration
  2. For "Payment Method Type", select "Other"
  3. Select "Update" to add the new Payment Type.

2. Add the "Other" Payment Method to a Scheduled Order

  1. Visit QPilot > Sites > Scheduled Orders and select "View / Edit" for the Scheduled Order you wish to update
  2. While Editing the Scheduled Order, locate the "Payment Details" section.
  • Within the "Existing Methods" tab, select "Create New" to add a new Payment Method for "Other"
  • Complete any Billing Name and Billing Address info you wish to include for the "Other" Payment Method
    Note: Avoid entering any information into the Gateway Customer ID or Gateway Payment ID fields because these are only used by payment methods processed by payment gateways.
  1. Submit your changes by selecting "Update"

3. How to Process a Scheduled Order with the "Other" Payment Method

Scheduled Orders that process using the "Other" Payment Method, will process without requesting any payment. Otherwise, it is the same as processing any other Scheduled Order.

Important: You should always be very careful when adding an "Other" Payment Method to a Scheduled Order. Once the "Other" Payment Method is added to a customer's Scheduled Order, it is available to that customer to use instead of an actual payment method moving forward, or until the "Other" payment method is removed entirely (delete) from their Scheduled Order.

4. How to Remove the "Other" Payment Method

In order to avoid the "Other" Payment Method being used again, you'll need to remove it from the Scheduled Order AND the Customer. Until removed from the customer in QPilot, the "Other" payment method will be selectable by them like in the image below.


This can be done in two easy steps.
Step 1: Select (of add) a new, non-other payment method for the Scheduled Order.


Step 2: Delete the "Other" payment method from the customer in QPilot


This will be important to do if you do not want your customer to be able to select the
Other" payment method on future cycles.