Customer Turnover and Analysis


Customers With Scheduled Orders

The Customers with Scheduled Orders dashboard gives you insight into both your Scheduled Orders processing (failed/paused/active) and how many customers have Scheduled Orders at a given time.


Customer Dashboard View

Newly created Scheduled Orders

The Newly created Scheduled Orders dashboard also provides great insight into your Autoship integration by showing how many new Scheduled Orders have been created by new or existing customers.


Newly Created Scheduled Orders

Understanding the Results

The dashboards shown above provide insight into customers' trends and behaviors.

  • Customers with Scheduled Orders allows you to see Customer Churn
  • Customers with Scheduled Orders shows how your processing performance may be impacting your customers.
  • For example, if many customers have failed Scheduled Orders and then the number of Scheduled Orders drops the next month you may want to help customers recover their Scheduled Orders to reduce customer churn.
  • Newly Created Scheduled Orders provides insight into how many new customers are creating Scheduled Orders. This can be very useful when reviewing the results of a marketing campaign.


Customer Metric Report

The Customer Metric report can provide insight into your customer's behavior.

  • What is the distribution of cycle counts for your customer's lifetime value?
  • How many Scheduled Orders do your customers create?
  • What is the total and average cycle count?
  • Who are your most loyal customers?

Example Excel Chart using the Customer Metric Report


Average Lifetime Value ($) by Cycle Count (Excel chart)

Example Excel Chart using the Customer Metric Report


Active Scheduled Order's By Customer (Excel Chart)

Example Excel Chart using the Customer Metric Report


Cycle Counts (Excel chart)

Scheduled Order Metrics

Scheduled Order Metric reports allow you to study your site performance and customer behaviors.

  • At what cycle count are Scheduled Orders Deleted (Customer turnover)?
  • How many Scheduled Orders are Deleted before they ever processing?

Example Excel Chart using the Scheduled Orders Metric Report


Deleted Scheduled Order Cycle Count (Excel chart)

Understanding the Results

The reports and examples outlined above allow you to glean insights into your customer's behavior.

  • For example, the Excel chart "Average Lifetime Value ($) by Cycle Count" shows that the average lifetime value increases as the cycle count increases. This indicates that customers value your Autoship program.
  • The Chart "Active Scheduled Order's By Customer" shows that some customers have multiple Scheduled Orders. This can indicate the customer has multiple shipping addresses or has products on varied Schedules.
  • The chart "Cycle Counts" shows that 72% of Scheduled Orders have processed over 10 times.
  • On the other hand, the Excel chart "Deleted Scheduled Order Cycle Count " shows most Scheduled Order deletions occur early on (before the 10th cycle).
    • A merchant can combat this by providing more incentives (cycle-based coupons or free shipping for example) to keep the customer engaged.