Required For Integration

  • Valid SSL installed for your site
  • A Square Business Account
  • API Keys
    • Access Token
    • Location Id
  • Tokenization - This gateway must tokenize payments in a way that allows QPilot to create future orders

Unsupported Features

  • Digital Wallet / Express Checkout (Apple / Google Pay)
  • Authorize Only transactions

Required Payment Fields for Square

  • Gateway CustomerId
  • Gateway PaymentId
  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method Description (optional, but strongly suggested because it is used to display the payment method to your customer))

Setting up Square payments

Navigate to QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Payment Integrations. Once there, select the "Add" button (blue circle with the "+" sign in it) to add a new payment integration.

Make sure that "Test Mode" is enabled (unless you are ready to begin using the gateway in Live mode), select the "Payment Method Type" dropdown, and then select "Square", enter the required API credentials. When you're done, select "CREATE". 

You should now see a new Square payment integration in your Payment Integrations list.


Ready to go live with Square?

In order to enable live payments (and disable 'Test Mode') please ensure you have activated your QPilot account with a subscription plan.

Then make sure a "Production" environment is selected for your site in QPilot Merchant Center > Edit (site) > General Settings.

Square FAQ's

Where Can I Find My Square Access Token & Location Id?

  • Access Token
    Your Square Access Token can be found in your Square application in accessed from your Square
    developer dashboard under the "Credentials" tab - [see Square's documentation](
  • Location Id
    Your Square Location Id can be found in your Square application in accessed from your Square developer
    dashboard under the "Locations" tab.

Where Can I Find My Square Tokens to Import to QPilot

Unfortunately, Square does not provide a way in their dashboard to copy and / export payment method tokens. It is recommended to reach out to Square's Loyalty Marketing Directory (LMD) Team between 6 AM - 6 PM PST Monday - Friday to request Square provide a way to export your customer & payment tokens to a report or add them to the dashboard.

Square LMD Team phone number (855)700-6000.