How Product Groups Work

Product Groups enable you to organize your product inventory in the QPilot Merchant Center so that you can assign a specific behavior to multiple products in the same Product Group.

How to Create a Product Group

  1. Login to your QPilot Merchant Center, locate the site you would like to add a Product Group for, and then use the site's action menu ("3-dotted" button) to visit your Site's Dashboard.
  2. From your QPilot Site's Dashboard, select "Product Groups" from the site's menu
  3. Select the "Add New" action ("+" button) to create a new Product Group

Creating a New Product Group in QPilot

Adding Products to a Product Group

  1. Ensure that your Product Group has a Name
  2. Select the "Add a product" field
  • You can either choose a product from the dropdown or start typing to search by product name
  1. Select the products that you would like to be included in the group
  2. Select "Update" to confirm your changes

Adding Products to a Product Group