Updating Products in Scheduled Orders

How do I replace a product on existing Scheduled Orders?

There may be a case where you need to replace a product that is already included on Scheduled Orders for your customer(s).  

These types of cases may include:

  • a product being discontinued
  • a product becoming invalid
  • a simple product converted to a variation of a variable product

In the steps below, we will learn how to search for Scheduled Orders that contain a specific product, and how to replace a product by editing a Scheduled Order.

Step 1: Find Scheduled Orders that contain a specific product

Visit QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Reports and locate the Scheduled Orders by Product report.

Within the report, search for the name of the product by selecting the "Search" button 🔍 and selecting (or typing to search and then selecting) the product.

This search will return all Scheduled Orders that contain the product along with the following columns:

  • Id: the Scheduled Order ID (searchable within the Scheduled Orders report)
  • First Name: Customer First Name
  • Last Name: Customer Last Name
  • Email: Customer Email
  • Quantity: the quantity of the product within the Scheduled Order
  • Next Occurrence: the date that the Scheduled Order will be processed (if Active status) or the date that the Scheduled Order would have processed (if not Active status)
  • Status: the status of the Scheduled Order (Active, Paused, Failed, Deleted)

Learn more about this report see here: Scheduled Orders By Product Report

Step 2: Edit the Scheduled Order to replace the product

Using the Scheduled Order ID or the customer email from the "Scheduled Orders by Product Report", you can search for the Scheduled Order within the Scheduled Orders page ( QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Scheduled Orders).

Then, replace the product from the Scheduled Order and add the new product. Select "Update" to save the product changes as shown in the example below. 


Add and Remove Product Example

To learn more about making changes to Scheduled Orders, please see Editing Scheduled Orders.

How can I update product prices on existing Scheduled Orders?

Adjust the sale (recurring) price on a specific Scheduled Order

You can do this by editing the Scheduled Order in QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Scheduled Orders and changing the sale price of each product individually. See our doc Editing Scheduled Orders for more details.


Adjust the sale (recurring) price for a specific Scheduled Order and product


If you wish to offer a limited-time price or award loyalty with a lower price for a product on a Scheduled Order, editing the Sale Price and the Min/Max cycle values is one way to do this as shown in the example below.


In this example, an Admin awards loyalty with setting a lower Sale Price on an item once the Scheduled Order has processed 3 times. The old item is automatically removed, and customers will see a lower price on their item moving forward.

Adjust the sale (recurring) price for all Scheduled Orders

By default, product prices are not updated for existing Scheduled Orders.  This includes the Price (the regular price for the product in your store) and Sale Price (the optional QPilot Sale Price for the product in your store).  

  • This way you can continue offering the same price to customers when they first added the product to their Scheduled Order.
  • In the case that you do need to update the prices for products within existing Schedule Orders, it is possible to update the Price or the Sale Price on existing Scheduled Orders for one or multiple products in your connected QPilot Site (viewable within QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Products).

To do this, visit QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Products in your Site dashboard and select one of the following options from the menu (as pictured below):

  • Sync Prices for (all) items: selecting this option will update the Price on all Scheduled Orders to the current Price for all products
  • Sync Sale Prices for (all items): selecting this option will update the Sale Price (Recurring Price) on all Scheduled Orders to the current Sale Price for all products

You can also select 1 or more products to update the Price or Sale Price for the selected products on existing Scheduled Orders by using the select boxes (left column) to choose which product prices should be synchronized.


Sync Prices for All or Selected Products