Learn more about your QPilot Subscription Billing and Management - including our pricing tiers and commonly asked questions.

QPilot Subscription Billing

The following are the current Subscription Plans offered by QPilot on WooCommerce.

QPilot Subscription Plans on WooCommerce

QPilot Subscription Plans on WooCommerce

Subscriptions Plans

Learn more about Subscription Plans and features of each here:

What's included in all QPilot Subscriptions?


Your account is billed monthly based on your subscription plan and the total number of billable Scheduled Orders managed by the sites connected to your QPilot Merchant Center.

Common Questions About Billing

  • What is a Billable Scheduled Orders? Billable Scheduled Orders are Scheduled Orders that are not canceled or deleted (including Active, Paused, and Failed) within your current billing period. Any Scheduled Order that has not been canceled or deleted can still be updated or changed by your customer as well as accessed by other apps & integrations.
  • What if I deleted Scheduled Orders during the billing cycle? Deleted Scheduled Orders will be included only in the billing cycle during which they were deleted. They will not be included in billing cycles after that (moving forward). 
  • What If I changed my subscription plan during the billing cycle? Your next bill will reflect your updated Subscription Plan renewal fee. Any fees for billable Scheduled Orders will be included with your updated Plan.
  • What if I create Scheduled Orders for testing only? We recommend only testing with a small number of Scheduled Orders. If you are testing Scheduled Orders in large numbers that you plan to delete (when done testing), please contact our support team ([email protected]) and they can help to ensure these are not included in your monthly billing amount.
  • Are Scheduled Orders in Test Environment Sites counted? Scheduled Orders for any QPilot site are charged without regard to your site environment. This is because any site can be changed from a Test Environment to a Production Environment at any time. Please note that QPilot enables you to easily manage & change a site's environment in the QPilot Merchant Center > Site Options.

How Can I Keep Track of My Monthly Bill?

You can keep track of your monthly bill by knowing your Subscription Plan and total billable Scheduled Orders.

Subscription Plan
You can view, manage, or update your Subscription Plan by visiting QPilot Merchant Center > My Account > Subscriptions.


Managing Subscription Plan

Total Scheduled Orders
You can view your total Scheduled Orders (billable and non-billable) in QPilot Merchant Center > Site Dashboard > Scheduled Orders. You can then view and filter Scheduled Orders by Status.


Scheduled Orders by Status