Scheduled Orders by Product

Scheduled Orders by Product

This report displays all customers that have a specific product in their Scheduled Order(s). To view report results for a product, you must first use the "Select Product" filter.

The report can be additionally be filtered by a date range (based on the Scheduled Orders' Next Occurrence Date) and the results can be exported to a CSV file.

Columns in the Scheduled Orders by Product Report

  • Id
    • Scheduled Order Id
  • First Name
    • Customer First Name
  • Last Name
    • Customer Last Name
  • Email
    • Customer Email
  • Shipping State
    • Customer's Shipping Address State
  • Shipping Post Code
    • Customer's Shipping Address Post Code
  • Quantity
    • Quantity of the Item scheduled
  • Next Occurrence
    • When the Scheduled Order is due to process next
  • Status
    • Scheduled Order Status

Scheduled Orders by Product Report

Popular uses for the Scheduled Orders by Product Report

  • Viewing and Exporting Customers that have scheduled a specific product
  • Resolving product availability issues (such as items that recently went out of stock)
  • Forecasting product inventory needs