Create Scheduled Order Fields

Creating a Scheduled Order


  • Select a customer
    • Select the customer for this Scheduled Order
    • Learn more here: Customer Fields
      • Note: Some fields listed below may auto-populate based on customer profile data

Customer Shipping

Specify an Address

  • Shipping First Name
    • The customers first name for the shipping address
  • Shipping Last Name
    • The customers last name for the shipping address
  • Shipping Country
    • The shipping address country
  • Shipping Street 1
    • The shipping address line 1
  • Shipping Street 2
    • The shipping address line 2
  • Shipping City
    • The shipping address city
  • Shipping State
    • The shipping address state
  • Shipping Postcode
    • The shipping address postcode (aka zip code)

Select a Saved Shipping Addresses (tab)

Select a saved Shipping address for these Scheduled Orders. Learn more here: Shipping Addresses for Scheduled Orders

Scheduled Order Details

  • Status
    • The current status of the Scheduled Order
    • Can be Active, Paused, or Failed
  • Frequency
    • Select the cadence this Scheduled Order processes on
  • Next Occurrence Date
    • The Next Occurrence Date for the next processing cycle

Advanced Options for Date/Time and Processing

  • Next Occurrence Time
    • The Next Occurrence Time the Scheduled Order should process
  • Customer Timezone
    • The customer's Timezone
    • If different than your connected site Timezone, an adjusted Next Occurrence Date will display as "Customer's Next Occurrence Date/Time"
  • Next Occurrence Offset
    • Select how many days this Scheduled Order processes before the Next Occurrence Date
    • This will override any value set for site offset processing
  • Cycles
    • How many times has the Scheduled Order successfully processed

Scheduled Order Items

  • Add an Item
    • Add another product from the dropdown
    • After adding the product the Scheduled Order Item quantity and cycle data may be updated if the item is available for processing
  • Product Title
    • The name of the product
  • Quantity
    • The quantity for the specific Scheduled Order Item
  • Price
    • The regular product price in your connected store
    • If the price of the product was updated in your store, the Scheduled Order will still contain the product price synchronized with QPilot at the time the Scheduled Order was created
  • Sale Price
    • The (QPilot) sale price for the Scheduled Order Item
  • Cycles
    • A count of the total number of processing cycles that each item has been included when the Scheduled Order has been processed.
    • Please note: This count does not require that the item is part of the Order created from processing, and only that the item has been included with the Scheduled Order when it processed. This logic enables a Scheduled Order Item to be included in future processing cycles.
    • Example: the item can be added to a Scheduled Order as a future one-time purchase only after the Scheduled Order processes 2 times (or 2 processing cycles).
  • Min Cycles
    • The minimum number of processing cycles that the Scheduled Order Item must be included in before the Scheduled Order Item is available to process as part of the Order.
    • Example: a Min Cycle value of "1" means that the item can be included in Orders only after the Scheduled Order has been processed at least 1 time with that item on the Scheduled Order.
  • Max Cycles
    • The maximum number of processing cycles the Scheduled Order Item may be included in a processing cycle before it is excluded (removed) from the Scheduled Order.
    • Example: a Max Cycle value of "2" means that the item can no longer be included in Orders after the Scehduled Order has been processed 2 times with that item.


  • Add a coupon
    • Select a QPilot coupon to the Scheduled Order from the dropdown menu

Order Total

  • Order total
    • What is the Scheduled Order subtotal
  • Expanded Order Total (Select "Order Total" to expand and see your order lines)
    • Order item subtotal
    • Order item price discount
    • Order subtotal
    • Shipping rate
    • Shipping Total
    • Tax Total
  • These totals are dynamic and updated in real-time when edits are made to the Scheduled Order
    • Updates when the shipping address is updated
    • Updates when Scheduled Order Items are added/removed/updated
    • Updates when a shipping rate is selected
    • Updates when a coupon is added/removed

Payment Details

  • Payment Method
    • Select from saved payment methods for this customer or create a new one
  • Payment Method Type
    • The payment integration for this payment method
  • Gateway Customer Id
    • The gateway customer Id as saved in the payment integration
  • Gateway Payment Id
    • The gateway payment Id as saved in the payment integration
  • Payment Method Description
    • String describing the payment method to the merchant or customers
  • Billing First Name
    • The customers first name for the billing address
  • Billing Last Name
    • The customers last name for the billing address
  • Billing Country
    • The billing address country
  • Billing Street 1
    • The billing address line 1
  • Billing Street 2
    • The billing address line 2
  • Billing City
    • The billing address city
  • Billing State
    • The billing address state
  • Billing Postcode
    • The billing address postcode (aka zip code)

Additional options

  • Custom Name (Optional)
    • Optional field that allows you to nickname this Scheduled Order
    • This name is not displayed to the customer in their account by default
  • Note
    • Scheduled Order note
    • This note will be displayed as a customer provided note when a Scheduled Order is processed