Create Scheduled Order Fields

Creating a Scheduled Order


  • Select a customer
    • Select the customer for this Scheduled Order
    • Learn more here: Customer Fields
      • Note: Some fields listed below may auto-populate based on customer profile data

Customer Shipping

Specify an Address

  • Shipping First Name
    • The customers first name for the shipping address
  • Shipping Last Name
    • The customers last name for the shipping address
  • Shipping Country
    • The shipping address country
  • Shipping Street 1
    • The shipping address line 1
  • Shipping Street 2
    • The shipping address line 2
  • Shipping City
    • The shipping address city
  • Shipping State
    • The shipping address state
  • Shipping Postcode
    • The shipping address postcode (aka zip code)

Select a Saved Shipping Addresses (tab)

Select a saved Shipping address for these Scheduled Orders. Learn more here: Shipping Addresses for Scheduled Orders

Scheduled Order Details

  • Status
    • The current status of the Scheduled Order
    • Can be Active, Paused, or Failed
  • Frequency
    • Select the cadence this Scheduled Order processes on
  • Next Occurrence Date
    • The Next Occurrence Date for the next processing cycle

Advanced Options for Date/Time and Processing

  • Next Occurrence Time
    • The Next Occurrence Time the Scheduled Order should process
  • Customer Timezone
    • The customer's Timezone
    • If different than your connected site Timezone, an adjusted Next Occurrence Date will display as "Customer's Next Occurrence Date/Time"
  • Next Occurrence Offset
    • Select how many days this Scheduled Order processes before the Next Occurrence Date
    • This will override any value set for site offset processing
  • Cycles
    • How many times has the Scheduled Order successfully processed

Scheduled Order Items

  • Add an Item
    • Add another product from the dropdown
    • After adding the product the Scheduled Order Item quantity and cycle data may be updated if the item is available for processing
  • Product Title
    • The name of the product
  • Quantity
    • The quantity for the specific Scheduled Order Item
  • Price
    • The regular product price in your connected store
    • If the price of the product was updated in your store, the Scheduled Order will still contain the product price synchronized with QPilot at the time the Scheduled Order was created
  • Sale Price
    • The (QPilot) sale price for the Scheduled Order Item
  • Cycles
    • How many times the Scheduled Order Item has been successfully processed in this Scheduled Order
  • Min Cycles
    • How many cycles the Scheduled Order must successfully process before this Scheduled Order Item is available to process as part of the Scheduled Order
  • Max Cycles
    • How many cycles the Scheduled Order successfully processes before this Scheduled Order Item is excluded (removed)


  • Add a coupon
    • Select a QPilot coupon to the Scheduled Order from the dropdown menu

Order Total

  • Order total
    • What is the Scheduled Order subtotal
  • Expanded Order Total (Select "Order Total" to expand and see your order lines)
    • Order item subtotal
    • Order item price discount
    • Order subtotal
    • Shipping rate
    • Shipping Total
    • Tax Total
  • These totals are dynamic and updated in real-time when edits are made to the Scheduled Order
    • Updates when the shipping address is updated
    • Updates when Scheduled Order Items are added/removed/updated
    • Updates when a shipping rate is selected
    • Updates when a coupon is added/removed

Payment Details

  • Payment Method
    • Select from saved payment methods for this customer or create a new one
  • Payment Method Type
    • The payment integration for this payment method
  • Gateway Customer Id
    • The gateway customer Id as saved in the payment integration
  • Gateway Payment Id
    • The gateway payment Id as saved in the payment integration
  • Payment Method Description
    • String describing the payment method to the merchant or customers
  • Billing First Name
    • The customers first name for the billing address
  • Billing Last Name
    • The customers last name for the billing address
  • Billing Country
    • The billing address country
  • Billing Street 1
    • The billing address line 1
  • Billing Street 2
    • The billing address line 2
  • Billing City
    • The billing address city
  • Billing State
    • The billing address state
  • Billing Postcode
    • The billing address postcode (aka zip code)

Additional options

  • Custom Name (Optional)
    • Optional field that allows you to nickname this Scheduled Order
    • This name is not displayed to the customer in their account by default
  • Note
    • Scheduled Order note
    • This note will be displayed as a customer provided note when a Scheduled Order is processed