PayPal: 10002 Internal Error

What This Means

Most of the time, there's an issue with how your PayPal account is setup or a problem with the API settings used to setup your payment gateway integration with PayPal. j

Common Causes For This Error

  • Not having a Verified PayPal Account
  • Using API credentials for an account that has not been correctly
  • Incorrect API information - Follow this procedure to request API Signature or API Certificate credentials.

Suggested Next Steps

PayPal suggests that you follow these steps:

  • These errors occur because the credentials are incorrect or invalid.
  • Make sure your API Signature and API Certificate credentials are entered correctly.
  • For more help resolving this issue, Contact PayPal Customer Service page.

After Resolving The Issue

Once this issue is resolved, you should use the action to Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.