Braintree: 81813 Postcode Can Only Contain Letters / Numbers / Spaces / Hyphens

What This Means

This error means that the customer's billing information contains a value for their billing address that is not formatted correctly or contains invalid characters.

Suggested Next Steps

  1. Check within your Braintree account to verify what information is already saved for the customer in the Braintree Vault.

  2. Compare the saved information in the Braintree Vault with the billing address for the Customer.

  3. You may need to request that your customer add a new payment method if you are unable to update the Billing Address in your Braintree Vault for them.

  4. You can update the Billing Address for the customer's Scheduled Order in QPilot by visiting your Site Dashboard > Customers > Edit Customer. However, this does not update the billing address stored with the payment method itself. Most payment gateways will require that your customer add a new payment method in order to save a payment method with a new billing address.

Adding A New Payment Method for Your Customer?

If you are adding a new payment method for your customer directly to your payment gateway (manually), ensure that you edit the failed Scheduled Order, add a new payment method, and copy the required billing information directly to their Scheduled Order including:

  • Gateway CustomerId
  • Gateway PaymentId
  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method Description (optional, but strongly suggested because it is used to display the payment method to your customer)

After Resolving the Issue

Once this issue is resolved, you should use the action to Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.