3001: Client Order Update Failure

Scheduled Order Processing Error

What This Means

This error means that the client failed to respond to QPilot's (PUT) request to update the Order. The client is an eCommerce site or shopping cart that you’ve connected to your QPilot account.

  • Client Order Status: Unknown
  • Payment Processing Status: the payment has attempted to process with the payment gateway
    • if the payment succeeded, then no payment error is recorded for the Failed Scheduled Order
    • if the payment gateway returned an error, the payment gateway's full response is recorded with the Failed Scheduled Order's history and processing cycle log
  • Scheduled Order Status: Failed
    • This is a Processing error so the Scheduled Order status is set to "Failed".

Common Causes

  • The client is restricting or blocking PUT requests from QPilot.
  • Interference by custom code or plugins: your site contains custom code that corrupts the response to PUT (update) requests from QPilot.
  • Site Performance / Timeout: The client is not responding to the PUT request to update within an allotted amount of time.

Suggested Next Steps

  1. Use the action to "Retry Update Order" on the Failed Scheduled Order.
    • This may have have been a temporary issue and this action will attempt to complete the final step of processing the Scheduled Order by updating the Order.
  2. If the order continues to fails, please respond to this message for further assistance.
  3. You may want to "Pause Processing" for your QPilot Site temporarily rather than continuing to let Scheduled Orders fail. Once your site is able to connect to QPilot successfully, resuming site processing will automatically process all Scheduled Orders that are past due (are scheduled for a next occurrence date before the current date).

After Resolving The Issue

  1. Use the action to "Retry Update Order" on the Failed Scheduled Order.