Scheduled Order Bulk Actions

The Scheduled Order Action Menu can be used to update Scheduled Orders in QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Scheduled Orders as outlined here!

You can bulk-update Scheduled Orders by selecting multiple Scheduled Orders on a page or all within a page and selecting the third-dot action menu from the very top left.

Scheduled Order Action Bulk Action Menu

  • Export
    • This will export only the selected Scheduled Orders to a CSV file.
  • Activate
    • This will place the Scheduled Orders into an "Active" status.
    • Note: Activating a past-due Scheduled Order will trigger it to process.
  • Update Status
    • This enables you to bulk update the status of selected Scheduled orders.
    • You can update the status to any of the following: Active, Paused, Failed, or Deleted.
  • Start Processing
    • This is the same as the Process Now action and will trigger the selected Scheduled Order to process regardless of the current status.