Discounting Product Groups with Coupons

One popular use of Product Groups is to apply a discount to multiple products, or any product within a Product Group that is within a Scheduled Order.

How to Apply a Discount to Any Product in a Group

  1. Create a Coupon
  2. Choose a Discount Type and Amount
    • To apply a discount to Product(s) select either "Reduce Product by Percentage" or "Reduce Product by Amount"
    • Enter either an amount or a percentage for the discount
  3. In the "Select Product" dropdown, select the Product Group that the coupon should apply the discount to
  4. Select "Create" to complete the creation of your new coupon.
  5. Add the Coupon Code to the Scheduled Order(s)
    • The Coupon will apply the discount to each product that is in the Product Group selected for the Coupon.
    • First time adding a Coupon to a Scheduled Order? Learn how to add a Coupon here.

Example: Apply a 20% Discount to Any Product in a Product Group

In this example, we will create a new Coupon that applies a 20% discount to any product in the Product Group: "Shampoos".

After creating the Coupon, we will add the Coupon to a Scheduled Order and then confirm that it is discounting each Product that is in the "Shampoos" Product Group by 20%.