2001: Payment Gateway Communication Failed

What This Means

The payment gateway did not respond to the request for payment. This is likely a temporary server error or timeout from your Payment Gateway.

Common Causes

  • QPilot was unable to communicate with the Payment Gateway and payment may or may not have been processed.
  • QPilot did not get a response from the Payment Gateway when the payment was attempting to be processed.

Suggested Next Steps

  1. To avoid a duplicate transaction, check within your Payment Gateway for a processed payment for this Scheduled Order using the GatewayCustomerID or customer email.

After Resolving the Issue

  1. If the payment was successful you will want to Complete Processing the Scheduled Order.
  2. If the transaction was not paid successfully in your Payment Gateway and you wish to retry processing the payment, you can Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.
  3. To process the Scheduled Order at a later time, update the Next Occurrence Date as needed, and set the status to "Active."