3002: Invalid Client Order Creation Response

Scheduled Order Processing Error Code

What This Means

This error means that the client (website or application) you have connected to QPilot responded to QPilot's request to create an Order with an invalid order: an order that is missing items or missing a total amount for the order.

  • Created Order Status: Unknown
    • The Order was created but is invalid (missing items or an order total).
  • Payment Processing Status: No request to a payment gateway has been made
  • Scheduled Order Status: Failed
    • This is a Processing error so the Scheduled Order status is set to "Failed" after the connected client returns an invalid Order.

Common Causes

  • Temporary client issue or outage
  • Interference by custom code: Your connected client contains custom code that corrupts the created order and causes your connected client to respond with an invalid order.
  • Server activities such as caching are causing an invalid response to QPilot's Create Order (POST) request

Suggested Next Steps

  1. Review the Order Creation Response for the Scheduled Order's Processing Cycle for more details.
    • The Order Creation Response will display the actual response that your connected client returned after the request to create an order was made. This response may help you identify which required fields are missing or invalid. The response may also help to identify a specific error in your site's response.

After Resolving The Issue

  1. The created Invalid Order should be deleted. To identify the Invalid Order that should be deleted, you can check the following:

    • The Processing Cycle for the Scheduled Order in QPilot will display the ID for the Order that was created.
  2. After the Invalid Order is deleted, use the action to Restart Processing the Failed Scheduled Order.