Payment Authentication Required Emails

Some areas require additional verification for processing payments, as a way to reduce fraud. Also known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or 3DS, an additional step is required by customers to confirm payment before it can complete processing.

SCA support is controlled / supported by every payment gateway individually, however payment gateways offering SCA flows are supported by QPilot to be intuitive for merchants and customers alike.

How QPilot Processes Scheduled Orders Requiring SCA / 3DS Authentication

Scheduled Order processing remains largely unchanged, however when the payment gateway flags a transaction requiring SCA, QPilot will treat the Scheduled Order as if the gateway responded with a "soft" or retryable decline, and take a special SCA flow to help customers authenticate their payments as seamlessly as possible.

How do I Enable SCA in QPilot?

Because there is no significant change in how a Scheduled Order is processed enabling this workflow is performed in a one simple step

  1. Enable "Payment Authentication Required" error emails in Dashboard > Customer Notifications page - see doc

What do My Customers see when SCA is Required to Complete Payment Processing for Scheduled Orders

  1. The Scheduled Order will fail with the reason of payment authentication required
  2. The customer will receive a (QPilot) email notification containing a link where they can authenticate their payment
  3. The customer will select the link and be directed to your payment gateway's SECURE authentication page for their payment
  4. Once confirming (ie authenticating) their payment, the Scheduled Order completes processing automatically and the customer will be directed to a QPilot landing page confirming the payment was successful

Can I Customize My QPilot Payment Authentication Landing Page?

Yes! The payment authentication landing page uses your site name in QPilot and styling set in your Template Style Settings to customize the look of the landing page.

What Properties Control the Styling of Payment Authentication landing pages?

The styling is controlled by 2 of your existing email notification properties:

  • Logo Image URL
  • Logo Background Color

SCA Example Flow
See how seamless payment authentication for customers is? See how the Authentication landing page has the same style settings as the logo area in the email notification?

Now you know about SCA and how to enable and customize the SCA flow and display in QPilot.