What's new in 2.0

Outline of breaking changes in 2.0

Endpoints URL structure and reorganization

  • The base QPilot API endpoint drops the /api subdirectory:


Before: POST /api/AccessTokens/Login

2.0: POST /AccessTokens/Login

  • Entities that are site related now fall under the /Sites directory:


Before: POST /api/ScheduledOrders

2.0: POST /Sites/{siteId}/ScheduledOrders

JSON Data Casing

Starting from 2.0, all JSON Requests and Responses use the camelCase convention.

Customer and Products identifiers

As an effort into a more seamless integration with external data sources, both Customer and Product entities unique identifiers will be defined by developers. This means that Customers and Products endpoints will no longer reference internal QPilot identifiers.

For more information please refer to the Customers and Products API reference sections.