Validation Check

How to Use the Scheduled Order Validation Check Tool

What Is Scheduled Order Validation?

Any time that a Scheduled Order is created or updated, QPilot confirms that the Scheduled Order has all of the information required to process that Scheduled Order successfully including:

  1. A payment method is selected
  2. The integration required to process the selected payment method exists
  3. Products in the Scheduled Order are available and in stock
  4. A valid shipping rate or delivery method is applied to the Scheduled Order


Validation Warnings

Do you have a Scheduled Order that shows validation warnings?
See the section "What do I do if I have a Validation Warning?" below!

If all of the information that is required to process a Scheduled Order can be validated, the Scheduled Order will display a "green check" icon ✅ in the Validation Check column on the QPilot> Sites > Scheduled Orders page

If the Scheduled Order is missing any required information, a "yellow warning" icon ⚠️ displays in the Validation Check column on the QPilot > Sites > Scheduled Orders page.


In this image, a merchant can quickly identify Scheduled Orders that are validated or have validation warnings.

When Does Validation Occur?

Validation occurs during the "Preprocessing" step of Scheduled Order processing (eg. before the Scheduled Order creates an order on your site). There are 3 times that validation is triggered for a Scheduled Order.

  1. When a Scheduled Order is created or updated
  2. When a Scheduled Order is queued to process
  3. When triggered to process manually by an admin

Why Validation is Important

Validation helps to prevent Scheduled Order failures by validating that the Scheduled Order has everything it needs to process an order successfully. Validations can help merchants and customers avoid technical problems and focus only on simple issues that customers can self-service (like payment declines).

How to Manually Trigger a Validation Check to Update

In some cases, a merchant may want to update a Validation Check for an existing Scheduled Order without editing or changing the Scheduled Order.

Go to QPilot > Sites > Scheduled Orders, select the Validation Check icon, then select the refresh validation (cycle) button.

Note: The date and time for the "Last Update" will refresh when the manual validation check completes.


In this image, a merchant triggers a validation check to update manually. Notice how the "Last Update" DateTime refreshes after validation completes.

What do I do if I have a Validation Warning?

  1. Select the Validation Warning button ("yellow warning" icon ⚠️) to see the details of the Validation Check.
  2. Update the Validation Check by using the "refresh button" 🔄 in the Validation Check to ensure that the validation is current.
  3. Fix the cause of the Validation Warning by selecting the error code displayed next to the warning and then following the steps to resolve the error.

Common Validation Warnings (and how to resolve them)

  • No Payment Method exists Error 1004
    • There is no payment method attached to this Scheduled Order.
  • No Payment Integration exists Error 1003
    • No payment integration exists for the payment method in this Scheduled Order as setup in QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Payment Integrations.
  • Scheduled Order is Empty Error 1000
    • There are no items in the Scheduled Order.
  • No Items to Ship Error 1001
    • There are items in the Scheduled Order but they are not available to process/ship. This could be a setting issue, because the item is out of stock, or the item is invalid.
  • Shipping Rate Not Found Error 1002
    • There is no available shipping rate for this Scheduled Order.
  1. Once the error for the Scheduled Order is fixed, refresh the Validation Check to ensure that the "green check" icon ✅ now displays in the Validation Checks (as shown in the recording below).

In the recording above, an admin verifies the validation warning, updates the Scheduled Order with a payment method, then verifies the Scheduled Order is passing validation